Qu. Real Martin, F-83390 Puget-Ville, Var, Provence, south of France

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Restaurant recommendations
:  we have details of local restaurants, including the two in Pignans, but here is some food for thought ... (no pun intended!):  

  1. An Email from a guest:
    " I checked out Gault Millau **  for restaurants in your area : no restaurant gets in the guide unless it scores 10/20, 13 and above ensures a detailed entry.  There isn't a single 20/20 in the whole guide, so the 14's will be v good and the 16 superb.
    There are a couple listed in Hyeres: La Colombe (14/20), Les Jardins de Bacchus (14/20) 
    and the Auberge du Fenouillet (14/20) at La Crau.
    There's one at Le Luc, Le Gourmandin (14/20)
    But the star of the area seems to be a place called La Lingousto at Cuers which gets 16/20." (04 94 28 69 10)
    (All these are within an easy drive from us).

  2. We love the pizza restaurant and garden in Gonfaron - good for children

  3. There are several really nice restaurants in Collobrieres .... La Petite Fontaine (04 94 48 00 12) is well known and very good and very authentic - good for Sunday lunch after the market.

  4. We also have details of local take-aways - pizza and kebabs

  5. Want to eat by the sea? - we always go to La Clapotis (04 94 58 53 34) in Carquerianne and also like La Reine Jane 04 94 66 32 64 at Ayguade, on the road that goes by the sea near the airport

  6. is a useful source of information: restaurants are listed by town - we are Department 83, Var

** Gault Millau is one of the most influential French restaurant guides. Gault Millau is most famous for its rating system, on a scale of 1 to 20. Restaurants below 10 points are basically never listed. The points are awarded strictly based on the quality of the food with any comments about service, price or the atmosphere of the restaurant given separately. Gault Millau does not accept payment for listing restaurants and is highly respected in France


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